"The Children's Castle"

During a short season all renders were removed and applied. Pre-mixed renders and a lime-based paint were chosen to comply with the substrate and the original materials used.

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Mjøndalen Mur og Puss AS
Project Date

Issues and stakes

This masonry building, in spite of its young age, stood empty for years, neglected and not maintained. The roofs were leaky, moisture penetrated the walls and decorations and grouting fell down. Wrongly used repair materials had resulted in cracking and damaged bricks. The render was peeling off in several places and could easily be removed.

As a listed building, the Cultural Heritage Management Office in Oslo regulates any changes to the building. Any change should be replaceable and not in conflict with the original material. As a consequence, it is clear to see which parts are original and which parts are new.



Due to the poor state of the renders, all except the window fittings and some decorations, everything on the exterior façade was removed. The bedding mortar had low strength - originally a weak, hot-mixed lime mortar with low pozzolanic effect. Damaged joints were scraped and repointed using NHL mortars. New NHL-based renders were applied in three layers (primer, basecoat, and fine render) with a final finish of 3 coats of a wet lime paint in the assumed original yellow colour. Decorations were rebuilt using traditional methods.

The foundations were damp proofed with strong, lime-cement-based renders. All materials and procedures followed guidelines from the Cultural Heritage Management Office in Oslo.