Church of Virgin Mary

A general replacement of an old, damaged façade render on a building of the Church of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary brought this building back to its original glory.


Czech Republic
General contractor - SPO s.r.o. - Ing. Růžena Pilchová Mackovíková
Project Date

Issues and stakes

Church of the Assumption is the oldest Marian church in the city of Ostrava, located in the urban area of Trebovice. The original wooden church is documented already in 1553, but in its place this brick construction was built in 1738 in Baroque style. In 1931 the church was decorated with paintings designed by Viennese painter Josef Kleinert.
Over the years the natural wear on such a facade involves fissures, cracks peeling renders and the general purpose of the renovation was to fix this old, damaged façade.



The old façade was completely removed. The masonry was cleaned up with water. Damaged or missing bricks were repaired or replaced with new ones. Afterwards, a lightweight, lime-cement render was applied to the whole surface of the masonry in a thickness of 15-20 mm. The bottom parts of the building, where rising damp was present, were treated with a renovation render for wet substrates. After a technical break, the final coat was applied. The final coat was made from a lightweight, thick coat, mineral render with scraped surface, fully coloured through. 1 grain size was used here - 3 mm in a sandy ochre colour. The final appearance was obtained through scraping the surface. In this project application was carried out by using pumps. This secured a project within planned economy and time.