Masonry restoration

Conservation of balconies

Balconies are a part of the façade, but often consist of different materials than the façade itself. Either way, damage is a result of wear and tear, and often also shortcomings in the original construction.

Falling debris from decaying balconies

Dealing with balconies often involves a mix of concrete repair work and corrosion control. Insufficient coverage of steel in the balcony often results in corrosion and decay. But also decorations around the balcony are originally made of experimental mixtures of lime and additives, early cements, different stone and also gypsum details. In the case of balconies, consideration of EHS standards is important - both for the user and for those who are passing by under it. Falling debris from balconies and decorations are sadly reported all too often in newspapers when people get hit by loose material. Sometimes with a fatal outcome. As balconies are often a distinctive feature of the façade, they should be treated with respect and with well-thought-out solutions.

Repairs adapted to construction and material

The repair method depends on the issue and material used to deal with it. A good rule is to remove all that is destroyed as carefully as possible. In the case of steel, a programme of corrosion control should be applied. If necessary, corroded steel should be replaced. When rebuilding decorations, specialists should be consulted. Platforms should be rebuilt using modern materials with membranes that can deal with increased pollution and inhibit water penetration, leading the water away from the balcony in well-dimensioned water pipes.