Galleria Sabauda

When moving Galleria Sabauda into "Manica Nuova of the Royal Palace", a complete conservative restoration of the façade of the Royal Palace in front of Via XX Settembre, facing Porta Palatina was issued.


Turin, Piemonte
Arch. Gennario Napoli
Project Date
2012/Dec 2014

Issues and stakes

The Royal Palace was built at the end of 1500 and was the residence of the Italian royal family. The Manica Nuova (new hallway) was added at the beginning of 1900. Due to age and irregular maintainance the façade of the palace was very deteriorated. Many pieces of render were missing and the render was full of small cracks and fissures. Close to doors, windows and decorative statues the situation of the render was critical and needed immediate action.


The renovation included rebuilding, repairing and repointing damages to the masonry façade. For these repairs a limebased construction mortar was used. The new render was applied also with a limebased mortar, both to even out the surface and to build a new protective render. Limebased renders were used for the different layers of the system. Decorations, mouldings and statues were also repaired with suitable lime based systems. The final coat was applied with a lime-based smoothing mortar. Both to give it its finish structure and colour. The complete project was studied to meet the historical and cultural requirements for the restoration of such an important building. The façade was restored according to the requirements of the sole responsible party for procedure : Architect Napoli.


*copyright: “by cvoncession of Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities, and of Tourism - Superintendency for Architectural, Landscape, Historical, Artistic and Ethno-anthropological Assets for the Region Piemonte”