Housing estate Lučina

The old façade made from multiple coats based on lime-cement render and a final coat made of scraped render. The whole façade was insulated with ETICS. Mineral render with a scraped surface was used as a final coat. Individual plastic details and decorative elements were made from very fine mineral render.


Map of Czech Republic

Czech Republic
Fichna-Hudeczek, Ing. Milan Hudeczek
Project Date
2007 - 2009

Issues and stakes

The building was constructed from clay brick in the last century, in 1954 in the Soviet style. All buildings were constructed by prisoners. 50% of them were women. The main purpose of the refurbishment was a general renovation of the façade with ETICS.

A major challenge for the applicator company was how to carry out the application of such huge areas without any interruption. There was also another problem - how to recreate all the plastic decorative details of an old façade to form a new final render sprayed on polystyrene boards.


The old façade was cleaned up completely. The ETICS system was fixed onto the original surface of the old façade. Weber.top 204 and Weber.top 203 (mineral thick coat renders, coloured through) formed a final coat on top of the ETICS system. Decorative parts were made of a fine thin coat render (Štuková stěrka) and painted using silicone façade paint. After a technical break, the final coat was applied.

The final coat was made using 3 different grain sizes  (1 mm,  3 mm , 0.6 mm) and 3 colours (white, brown-red, sandy ochre). Application was carried out using several Uelzener S 48 pump machines. 2 pumps were operating simultaneously to ensure the application of these vast areas without any interruption.