Conservation and renovation of old buildings is an area of interest to many. It involves feelings and respect and the need for knowledge involving a range of expertise. Methods, materials and procedural techniques need to be taken into account for every project. The solutions described here do not provide exhaustive detail and processes, but give an insight in what to look for and general renovation techniques. We call these solutions “Generic”, as they are well known and accepted methods throughout Europe. However, we always encourage respect for local traditions and choices of method.

Conservation of render and plaster

A lime treated facade har its own luster and life. Living with the weather and ages with graces. Lime is a building material with long traditions and still the best alternative for our old buildings and lime substrates.

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Renewal of mouldings and decorations

Decorations on a facade are a testimony of the era of the building. Paintings, …. and figures each give the facade its own personality. But still these are subjected to pollution and decay and need to be conserved and restored.

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Waterproofing and foundations

A wet foundation will yield uprising damp, peeling renders and paints. Capillary suction is a natural property in all masonry and renders. A proper drainage and protection of the foundation will reduce uprising damp.

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Surfaces and facades

A masonry facade, rendered or not  is often cathegorize as a maintainance free surface. But as with all surfaces, with proper maintainance the durability will increase and comply with the initial expectations.

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Masonry restoration

Different types of injection methods are used nowadays to stabilise constructions. The method is used in brick masonry, natural stone masonry and bigger constructions. Both underground and overground.

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Floors & Ceilings

Mortars based on lime and gypsum have a long tradition for use on floors. Either as lime-concrete or in combination with bricks and stones. Renovation and insulation of these floors can be done effectively with the use of modern-yet all natural materials.

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