A unique historical renovation of the Nußdorferstrasse metro station, built 100 years ago in 1898 by Otto Wagner and renovated with historical product solutions from Saint-Gobain Weber Terranova.

Wiener Linien
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The Nußdorferstrasse metro station was built by Otto Wagner in 1898. This station is one of the oldest in the history of the public transport system in Vienna. Otto Wagner is one of the famous architects of his time. Today you can find many of his buildings in the art nouveau style. Due to environmental changes and the natural ageing of the building, a renovation must be carried out to preserve such jewels for future generations. Also needs have changed over the centuries and this historical, protected building has had to be adapted to the needs of a modern subway system. The challenge was to adapt and maintain the historical essence. After extensive investigations of the existing construction material, Saint-Gobain Weber Terranova products were chosen for the renovation with the weber.san product mix. 


The main objective was to maintain its historical charm, to use high-quality products and skilled applicators. According to a spokesperson at WIENER LINIEN "The main priority in this project was to preserve the cultural heritage." For this reason, products had to be used which correspond to the original materials. After consulting and deciding with the federal monument preservation office, mainly lime based products was used, which fitted best with the existing structure of the building. After removing the old and loose parts, products from the renovation program were used to reconstruct parts of the façade. To refresh and repaint, a silicone paint was used. This product range is specific for historic and heritage-protected buildings.