Rapperswil town hall


"Rathaus Rapperswil"; the Rapperswil town hall – after a very long history as well as many changes and conversions – was under the supervision of the Federal Office for Civil Protection, when it was renovated in 1999-2000 using authentic materials..

Rapperswil, Lake Zurich
E. Thürlemann AG, CH-8640 Rapperswil
Project Date
1 year

Rapperswil town hall and old medieval district

Located on the east side of Lake Zurich, Rapperswil owns several sites that are listed as Swiss heritage sites of national significance, including the old medieval town hall ("Rathaus Raperswil"). The building replaced an earlier fortified tower, which was probably built in the early 13th century as part of the former town wall. A town hall and city council are first mentioned in 1419 and 1433 respectively. The building in its present form was built around 1470. Renovations were carried out in 1866 and 1895, and after 1902 the wall decorations on the west side were partially removed.
After a complete removal of the old render, a complete reconstruction was carried out using authentic materials based on lime

Rathaus Rapperswil is listed in the Swiss inventory of cultural property of national and regional significance as a Class A object of national importance.


The base coat render was done with products found today in the weber.san product range. In addition it was used a crack repair system with fibre-glass mesh and “Kalkopearl” (lime-based)