Renewal of mouldings and decorations

Reconstruction of decorations

Decorations on a façade are a testimony of the era of the building. Paintings, decorations and figures each give the façade its own personality. But still these are subjected to pollution and decay and need to be conserved and restored.


 Decoration and embellishment on a façade represents a multitude of techniques, materials and  functions. Each decoration needs to be handled individually and with respect to its original structure. These elements of the façade are also exposed to wear and tear from rain, sun and earlier renovations. Some decorations are made of porous stone, with minerals subject to erosion. Fixing to the substrate with iron nails is also often a problem causing corrosion damage to the decorations.  In recent repairs, repainting of decorations has often been carried out, resulting in thick layers of paint hiding and shielding the details.

Materials, techniques and respect


Moulding repairs and rebuilding of such decorations needs to be evaluated by skilled curators. In some cases fixing to the substrate is enough, but more often, cleaning and rebuilding is necessary. In any circumstance skilled curators should be contacted to find the correct method and approach. Decorations of natural stone, gypsum, mortar and painting techniques (e.g.. sgrafitto) can also be classified under this heading. In some cases the decorations are in such a state they need to be replaced by a replica. Choice of material needs to be discussed with the curator, advisor or building owner.