Our built heritage includes buildings from the latest 9000 years of history. This has produced a vast variation in building methods and materials depending on available natural resources, traditions and architectural trends. With its long history, Weber has been a part of this, both with the construction of new buildings initially and now with the renovation of the heritage. Quoted  here is just a small selection of the projects we have been involved in in recent years. We are proud to have contributed to the preservation of these buildings and  to have given them new life for future generations to use and admire.

Picasso Museum

Spain - Malaga

Rehabilitation of Buenavista Palace and adjacent houses to convert it into the Picasso Museum in Malaga, integrating the...

University of Cartagena

Spain - Cartagena

Rehabilitation of the former Antigones Military Barracks for its use by the Polytechnic University of Cartagena.

Haus am Horn

Haus am Horn

Germany - Weimar

Authentic façade renovation at UNESCO world heritage site

Upper Leirfoss Powerplant

Norway - Trondheim

Typical for the elctrification of Norway, this powerplant represents an important industrial heritage and a construction...

Rapperswil town hall

Switzerland - Rapperswil, Lake Zurich

Renovation of the medieval district and town hall of Rapperswil, located on Lake Zurich

Ila School

Norway - Oslo

An educational use of Natural Hydraulic Lime at a more than 3500 sqm facade

Skogaholms gård


Renovation of Skogaholms Gård, Skansen, Stockholm