Senate and Synod Building

This immense building in high neoclassical style was built for the two most important administrative organs of the Imperial Russian government, the Senate and the Synod in 1829–1834.  From 1925, the building was used to store the Russian State Historical Archive.

Map of Russia

Project Date

Issues and stakes

The main problem of this old building was the damp basement made of limestone. The ground water level was high due to the proximity of the Neva River. It was necessary to carry out waterproofing outside and inside the basement walls and to provide protection against capillary moisture at the bottom of the basement walls. The interior was also in a poor condition. The renovation of all rooms was carried out.


Despite some care to be taken when using materials by DEITERMANN associated with stringent requirements to comply with the recommended technology, the results of applying these materials (subject to technology) were positive, which was tested in the laboratory of "SPETS PROEKT RESTAVRATSIYA." In particular, the injection schemes using the waterproofing materials Cerinol BSP and Adexin HS2 were highly effective. The very well proven waterproofing coat Deitermann HKS, which will perform a pre-repair (alignment) function, creates a foundation before applying the final vertical waterproofing. All surface waterproofing systems, repair system joints, as well as the material for the vertical waterproofing in the basements (Superflex 10) are of high quality and technologically advanced, allowing waterproofing and repair problems to be solved. The advantages of using materials produced by Deitermann also include the presence in St. Petersburg of a representative who is able to provide technical and advisory support, as well as streamlined logistics.

Kovarskiy Stanislav, Chief Engineer, : OOO "GIRS"

The following Weber products (maxit in this case) succeeded in solving all problems:

  • weber.tec Superflex 10 + weber.tec 901 - waterproofing from outside.
  • weber.tec 930 + weber.tec 933 - waterproofing from inside.
  • weber.tec 940E - capillary moisture barrier.
  • weber.tec 822 + weber.prim 801 - waterproofing of wet rooms.
  • weber.vetonit 3000 - levelling of floors.
  • weber.vetonit LR+ - wall plastering.