The town theatre J.K.Tyla

The old façade made from multiple coats based on lime-cement render and a final coat made of scraped render was completely removed and replaced with a new render system.

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Czech Republic
Červený Kostelec
Průmstav Náchod s.r.o.
Project Date

Issues and stakes

The building was constructed from clay brick in the last century, in the period 1924-1925. The general purpose of the refurbishment was to install a new roof, new windows and a new façade. The masonry very uneven in places so a very thick basic render had to be applied to create a flat substrate for the final coat. There was also another problem - how to copy all the plastic decorative details of an old façade to a new final render.


The old façade was completely removed. Masonry was cleaned up with water. Damaged or missing bricks were repaired or replaced with new ones. Afterwards, a basic lime-cement render was applied to the whole surface of the masonry in a thickness of 10-60 mm (locally). The basic render was prepared directly on the work site from individual components (lime-cement-sand-water). After a technical break, the final coat was applied. The final coat was made from Terralit G - a lightweight, thick coat, mineral render with scraped surface, fully coloured through. 2 different grain sizes were used here - 1 mm and 3 mm, and 2 colours - white and sandy ochre. Application was carried out by an Uelzener S 48 pump machine. After a drying period (3 hours), the surface was scraped into its final appearance.

The major problem was how to create the plastic decorative details on the façade with big differences in thickness. We had to apply the render in several steps and gradually create the plastic details with specially adapted tools for this soft work."
Ing. Roman Košťál

  • Design studio - INS Náchod
  • General architect -Ing. Jakub Kolář
  • General contractor - Průmstav Náchod - Ing. Roman Košťál