Weber Service

As many of the references show, a successful project is one where there has been close cooperation between building owner, prescriber, consultants, contractors and Weber, each contributing different experience and ideas on how to solve a specific problem, finding the best solution together through analysis, preparation and discussion.

Weber know-how

Each building has to be considered as a unique construction. The wide variety of building techniques, materials and uses has to be taken into account, not only before the renovation starts, but most important of all, also during the renovation. You never know 100% what you might find underneath layers of past renovation.

Weber can contribute to this process with its background in and know-how of mortar production, expertise in building physics and broad experience in diverse renovations, meeting both the building owner and prescribers early in the projects to help evaluate which and where different materials should be used.

Sometimes these end up in producing project specific materials. Regular building site visits to discuss solutions and materials with the consultants and contractors are important to guarantee correct use and to guarantee extended durability of the renovated building.

Weber can also contribute with analysis, colour examinations, mortar specifications and help with descriptions and calculations. Most of all by being a discussion partner to restore the building adapted to its new use.